I'm Olav Pekeberg, hacker and builder from Norway. I'm constantly looking for problems to solve with cloud based software and services, mostly in the B2B sector. My list of problems/ideas has grown long, and I needed to organize it better. So I made this site as a service for myself. I use it to test my ideas and keep track of the best ones. I hope you can use it for the same.

Testing startup ideas

I read a lot about startups and micro SaaS. These are my three favourite sources on how to get and test startup ideas:

Paul Graham: Essays

Tyler Tringas: The Meat Grinder Approach

Pieter Levels: Turning Side Projects into Profitable Startups

The Startup Matrix

Your idea is scored on two dimensions: The relative value of the idea and your relative probability to capture this value. Based on this, the idea is placed in one of four quadrants.

Low value, low probability: Stay away. Just forget about it. It's better to move on.

Low value, high probability: These ideas may not be the next AirBnB, but it might be a great side project and micro SaaS opportunities. Many people prefer these ideas, as they require less complexity and a smaller team to pull off.

High value, low probability: The Jokers. These ideas can be very valuable, but it takes even more hard work and even more luck to succeed. Sometimes the probability of success is low because your're not the right person for the project (lack of passion or expertise), and if this is the case: Move on. Other times, the idea is just very hard to pull off. If this is the case, it might be very interesting. The harder it it, the fewer people will take a shot at it.

High value, high probability: You got lucky. These ideas are rare. It's time to execute!

This test and the scores are of course not an exact science. I use it to quickly discard bad ideas and focus my time on what may be promising. I suggest you do the same. Reach out to olav@pekeberg.com if you have questions or would like to help me improve the service.

Test your idea now: